Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Big Easy

Having a great trip at my friend Heidi's. We went from her home in Baton Rouge down to New Orleans last night for a fun crawfish boil and my first trip to Bourbon Street! We were joined by her two fun, partying friends Matt and Nikki. The Jack and beer were flowin' even before we left the hotel room.

Now, don't think bad about me! I behaved myself so I wouldn't feel awful today; after all, I have a big race tomorrow! I haven't trained for this triathlon for months to go and ruin it. Besides, having been to Bourbon Street sober, well, I think it would be a pretty damn scary place to be drunk!!! Certainly an eye-opening experience. I've never seen so many strip clubs, drunks, and bars in my life. And, you gotta love the signs for "Big Ass Beers."

Here are some photos (taken with Heidi's iPhone) of our fun night dancing the night away....

Nikki, Heidi and me
Those poor little crawfish are no match for me!!!
Lucy's (a very fun New Orleans hot spot).

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