Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Watch out, Picasso!

Anna has quite the artistic tendencies. The activities that entertain her most involve creating. I should own stock in water colors, if only because they seem to evaporate (and not to complain too much but, seriously, they need to make those little palettes of color more hearty).

We are also lovers of the Crayola Color Wonder products; I genuinely believe that I've avoided a lot of color mishaps simply because of the fact those markers only react on the special paper. Now, if only those were cheaper!

The one thing Anna and I both love is stickers. And, although it's a pain to help her peel them at times, I love what she creates with them--even if that creation is me! Gotta love wearing stickers out on your butt and not realizing they're there! At least I rarely fail to make a statement.

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