Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa, baby!

How can you not be excited for the holidays when you see them through the eyes of a child? Just the looks on their little faces makes you believe in everything that is good about the time of year and forget all those nagging little to-do's. I feel so blessed knowing that I have the means to make Christmas extra special for my kids; complete with two loving parents, grandparents close by, a great home to celebrate in, fabulous food, and--the part they're most excited about--presents.

Here are some photos from our visit with Santa. Anna was excited to see him but wouldn't look at him. I found that hilarious!

Logan was mesmerized by Santa's beard. Santa was wise and guarded it from his grasp.

And, even mommy and daddy had a good time (thanks, Grandpa, for taking the family picture!).

I think Santa will bring my kiddo's what they want for Christmas (since Logan only wants food and bottles, he's easy!).

As for me, I already have my Christmas wish....

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